High end lacquer kitchen cabinets should be the way to keep it right, I’ll tell you!

- Mar 27, 2020-

When we buy a high end lacquer kitchen cabinets, how to maintain this is a problem worth our attention. How do we maintain the paint box correctly? Here are some tips.

1, Avoid Direct Sun, high temperature will change the color of the paint door panel of the cabinet, so it is preferable to avoid the door door panel of the cabinet door.

2. Open your cabinets regularly, preferably every three months. Before resting, the surface of the paint must be carefully checked to see if it is intact.

3.Anti-scratch, impact paint door surface of the film thickness of approximately 0.3 mm, in the use of the process should avoid sharp things row door surface. When using the paint door panel, we should also try to avoid hitting the door panel. The hardness of the paint film of the high-quality paint door panel is about 2h, i.e. 10 kg of heavy objects hit the door panel on the front surface, and the door panel can be piked, the paint film of the door panel will not appear the large area to fall.

4.Daily cleaning to remove salty from daily start, in the daily use of the process, it is difficult to avoid cooking smoke in the kitchen, when the door surface, cooking smoke, oil cups, detergent nets are available. ATTENTION TO DETERGENT: water ratio of 1:10, wool fabric must be clean cotton fabric. And after using a cleaner boiling must be cleaned with water, otherwise a long time will cause the color. On the small series of related Knowledge Bathing Cabinet to present you here, bathing the fragile surface of the cabinet, so in daily use should pay attention to maintenance, avoid collisions.