Folding Furniture Market

- Apr 06, 2020-

In some furniture's custom promotion, we often see each kind of exquisite furniture, through the bearing hinge may present the different shape, may be the table May also be the chair, in the industry this kind of furniture is called the multi-function furniture collectively. It is a modern furniture product which realizes other new functions on the basis of the original function of the traditional furniture, and is the redesign of the furniture. So, what is the development prospect of multifunctional furniture?

Furniture design using new materials, not only can obtain new modeling structure, but also can achieve unexpected new functions. For example, nanomaterials are resistant to moisture, bacteria, and super flexibility; shape-memory Alloy materials can return to their original shape after being deformed at a certain temperature and Ph; The strength and stiffness of composites are usually several times the volume and shape of the original materials; photosensitive, pressure-sensitive and acid-base sensitive materials can be used as sensors;.

Multi-functional furniture is not all complex mechanisms or new materials, a set of linkage mechanisms, several flexible connectors, wheels, buckle, rails and many other simple and sophisticated structures can also achieve new functions. Such as Adjustable Height Chair, desk, wheelchair, Revolving Dining Table, folding sofa chair, combination bookcase and so on.

The multi-function furniture's development prospect is also very considerable, the market demand unceasingly increases, the factory also must unceasingly enhance the product quality!