Customized wardrobe benefits and customized processes

- May 09, 2019-

Customized wardrobes have been in the United States and other countries in the 1980s, and become a must-have furniture. As people's living standards continue to improve, custom wardrobes are becoming more and more popular in China. So what are the benefits of custom wardrobes, and what is its customization process?

The benefits of custom closets

1, the biggest advantage of custom wardrobe is that it can fully and rationally use the space, without wasting a trace of space. Customized by on-site volume, it not only improves space utilization and increases storage space, but also adds a lot to the entire home decoration.

2, custom wardrobe is more user-friendly, can be designed according to user needs, such as adding or removing partitions, drawers or adding a basket of any size. The style of the wardrobe can be customized, which is very suitable for users who are looking for individuality.

3, most of the custom wardrobes are made of environmentally friendly E0 grade plates, never use high formaldehyde paint and glue to ensure safety.

4, the custom wardrobe has a high level of craftsmanship, and the edge seal is tightly matched with fashionable and durable hardware, which is more fashionable and beautiful. The texture of the wardrobe surface is very clear, with stronger resistance to deformation, moisture, abrasion and environmental protection.

5, the customized wardrobe in the ergonomics and mechanics design is more detailed, the use of its service life is longer than the finished wardrobe, that is, it is not easy to use the board to fall off or deform, hardware damage and other conditions.

Customized process of wardrobe

1. After the user places an order, the professional designer will measure the size at the user's home, and then make a design plan containing the three views, the color of the board and the renderings, and submit the design drawings to the factory after the user's consent.

2, the factory's drawing plan review technicians to review the design plan to ensure that it does not go wrong in terms of applicability, ergonomics and design dimensions.

3. After the audit is no problem, in order to ensure the good implementation of the product plan, the system or professional will decompose to obtain a list of BOMs including spare parts list, raw material list and hardware accessories list.

4. Make a schematic diagram of the installation and the processing flow chart of the parts.

5. After all the documents required for the process are ready, they will be sent to the corresponding production department for cutting, punching and edge-sealing to complete the production of the whole product.

6, the last is the delivery and installation.

Customized wardrobes are now well-developed in China due to their tailor-made, fashion, environmental and professional advantages. In the future, they will become an important part of home decoration.