Custom built-in wardrobe considerations

- Apr 17, 2019-

The wardrobe is one of the indispensable furniture for every family. Nowadays, the wardrobe style is various, and the built-in wardrobe which can improve the space utilization is very popular. Built-in wardrobes have many advantages, but some of the considerations for custom built-in wardrobes are also needed.

1. In order to save space, the built-in wardrobe door usually adopts outward facing or sliding door type, and its style needs to be consistent with the decoration style of the bedroom, adding a bright style to the space.

2, embedded wardrobe hardware quality is good, in order to maintain the stability of the wardrobe and improve its service life, it is best that all parts of the entire wardrobe are from the same brand.

3, according to the user's actual needs and economic conditions, the interior of the cabinet can be used to do the inner liner, brush paint with the wall, wallpaper, simple paint or Boeing film.

4, the depth of the custom built-in wardrobe needs to meet the depth requirements of rotating hangers or normal hanging clothes 0.55-0.6m.

5. If the wall behind the closet is a damp place such as a bathroom, then the moisture-proof measures of the built-in wardrobe should be done to prevent the wardrobe from being wet and moldy.

6. The built-in wardrobe is embedded in the wall. For safety reasons, the wall cannot be modified for the performance of the wardrobe during the customization process, reducing its bearing capacity and stability.

7. In order to make the cabinet and the wall fit together, it is necessary to measure the accurate data during the measurement. The difference between the size of the wardrobe and the wall is too large, which affects the appearance.

8. When customizing the built-in wardrobe, it is necessary to use green and environmentally-friendly materials. The environmentally unqualified wardrobe releases excessive formaldehyde, which poses a serious threat to our health.

We have to touch the closet almost every day. After clearly understanding the precautions of the built-in wardrobe, we must be careful to avoid the above situation, and then you can customize a beautiful and practical according to your own preferences and the actual situation of the bedroom space. Built-in wardrobe.