Benefits of custom kitchen cabinets

- Mar 18, 2019-

1. Advantages of manufacturing process:

Homemade integral ambry is often done when decorating a housing site, construction personnel of integral ambry general for the production of various deep understanding of the requirements, the production process is rough, error is larger, the whole kitchen involved know very little about human body engineering and engineering materials, often appear at the bottom of the console without reserve capacity of toe space, not according to the operator work station of height adjustment height unreasonable phenomena, such as the professional ambry brand all of the integral ambry manufacturer production is industrialized production, from next makings, polish to install strict specification, use sealing side of high temperature and high pressure, the appearance after sealing side is neat and firm. Product technology is far better than self - made products.

2. Price advantage:

Come from the market of ambry market at present actually, oneself buy material to make furniture price prep above to do directly from manufacturer of ambry of big brand whole, somebody can ask, why to make to order than ask carpentry to do cheap even? Because big brands use group procurement in procurement, coupled with factory batch production line, the cost is greatly reduced, rather than a single high profit.

3. Advantages of service life:

Actually made a lot of people feel ambry use of long life, actually is also very long, the life of a custom-built ambry order than the finished product is good, a lot of finished products with material or design is not in place, the pursuit of appearance, as some finished bookcase, shoe ark, use for a long time will appear fall off or plate deformation, make to order if it is experienced designers will be on the human body engineering and mechanics, careful considerations to the kitchen cabinet is relatively strong.