Bedroom Closet Organization

- Jun 28, 2019-

Busy days begin on the right foot with an orderly bedroom closet. Use a smart layout and standout accessories to double closet space and ease into the morning routine.

1. Bedroom closet idea

Dress a bedroom closet in sharp, smart style with multipurpose features. This customizable closet system elevates a basic closet, incorporating a mix of hanging rods, shelves, accessory bins, laundry baskets, and ironing supplies.

image.webp (6)

2. A perfect fit

Use simple design tricks to put every sliver of space to work in a small closet. For instance, position shelves just a bit taller than the shoes to maximize every inch of closet space.

image.webp (7)

3. Smartly concealed

Frosted-glass doors offer a concealed spot to tuck a jewelry box, jar of mending supplies, and folded clothes.

image.webp (8)