Advantages and disadvantages of paint cabinets

- Feb 18, 2020-

Cabinet paint door advantages

1. The paint cabinet door panel has a higher smoothness than ordinary door panels, and the surface of the door panel has the ability to reflect light, which makes the paint cabinet door panel look fuller than the ordinary door panel.

2. Compared with ordinary door panels, the paint cabinet door panels are more environmentally friendly and healthy, and do not fade, because the paint cabinet door panels are cured in color during processing.

3. Scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, high density, do not have to worry about the knife scratching the cabinet when working in the kitchen. Higher density also determines the hardness and heat resistance of the paint cabinet door.

 Drawbacks of cabinet doors

Because the production process of the paint cabinet door panel is relatively complicated and the production cost is relatively high, the price is also higher than that of the ordinary cabinet door panel, and it is more difficult for the average consumer to accept. And in appearance, the gloss of the paint cabinet door panel will gradually darken after using it for a period of time, so it needs more maintenance than ordinary door panels. The disadvantages of the paint cabinet are the high level of craftsmanship and high rejection rate, so the price is high. Care must be taken during use to avoid bumps and scratches. Once damaged, it is difficult to repair, and it must be replaced as a whole. Medium is prone to chromatic aberration. It is more suitable for young and high-end consumers who have high appearance and quality requirements and pursue fashion. s and disadvantages of paint cabinets